Translation Services

Whether you need translation of Croatian Technical Documentation, Web sites, SEO, Localization, Proofreading or DTP we certainly can help you reach new markets and customers and deliver in timely manner.

All translations are done by humans. You’re safe with us.

Translation Services

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Professional Croatian Translation Services so you could reach new markets

in all European languages
in their respective fields
No machine translations
in technical fields



• Croatian to Bosnian

• Croatian to Serbian

• Croatian to Slovenian

• Croatian to English

• Croatian to German

• Croatian to Italian

• Croatian to French

• Croatian to Polish

• Croatian to Hungarian

• Croatian to Slovakian

• Croatian to Czech

• Croatian to Romanian

• Croatian to Bulgarian

• Croatian to Russian


• Bosnian to Croatian

• Serbian to Croatian

• Slovenian to Croatian

• English to Croatian

• German to Croatian

• Italian to Croatian

• French to Croatian

• Polish to Croatian

• Hungarian to Croatian

• Slovakian to Croatian

• Czech to Croatian

• Romanian to Croatian

• Bulgarian to Croatian

• Russian to Croatian

For alternative languages please contact us

What We Do?

Written Human Translation

If you are a small businesses or, for example, a global enterprise we will cover all of your Croatian technical services. Did we say it’s done by the experienced team of professionals? Humans only, experts in their respective fields and in many languages.


We certainly know that SEO is now more important than ever for your business and your search rankings. Therefore, we will suggest and organize your files to match most searched words and style the documents you send us.

Web Site Translation

In short, expanding your business means translation of the web site and all relevant documents. Our Croatian Translation Services include translating coding languages, product descriptions, landing pages, contact forms and more.


Proofreading is a process of checking your documents for writing mistakes and applying rules of the proper writing such as word order, punctuation, spelling and, in addition, overall grammar rules.

Ready-To-Print Files

Even if your file is .docx file or you need your .pdf files to be translated to .docx files, during translation we will still retain the visual style of the document. Consequently, we will include all the images that need to be translated too.


DTP is a process of rearranging fields of text and images to fit translation text in your brochures, books, manuals, newsletters. In other words, we can translate directly through DTP so your files are the same as source file.


As part of the Croatian Translation Services we offer transcription. In conclusion, transcription is a method of converting audio speech to written text. Moreover, we can do it from video files, audio files or any other media.

Mobile Apps

Translating and Localizing a Mobile App will help you reach new markets and increase your sales. Similarly, we do it with the same high quality as any other translation source file.


Editing is a process of checking your documents for overall style and quality of the text. Moreover, our goal is to prepare document to sound relevant to it’s task. As a result, we will focus on clarity, flow and quality of the content.

Voice-over for Apps

Your hard work on applications must be followed by high quality voice-over. Certainly, we can provide you with the voice-over for mobile applications.


Make sure your documents are localized and understandable to locals. But translating is not enough. Importantly, to capture attention of your customers we apply rules for idioms, your product prices, decimal numbers and more.


Certainly, each company has it’s own preferred terminology. During our first cooperation we assemble a glossary for your files. However, to speed the process you can send us your glossaries that define your terminology.

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Q & A


How long does it take to complete translation?

This depends on the complexity of your text, the required formatting and our availability. In conclusion, once you send us your files for an analysis we will let you know in our official offer!

How many personal translators can I have?

Our Croatian Technical Service offering a Personal Translator will provide you with one person that will handle all your files. We strongly believe this is the right way for your files to be handled. It makes sure that unified terminology is used and provided the best possible solutions.

What languages do you translate

We primarily do Croatian technical translations and all major European and worldwide languages, for example and to mention some of them – English, German, Italian, Slovenian, French, Russian, Rumanian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish and many others. Please contact us for any language service you might need.

Do you check the source files?

During the process of translation we take care of all of your files. Further on, if there is an inconsistency or even some error in your source file that might lead to misunderstanding of the end user we will immediately inform you of such errors.

What about privacy?

All your data, files and information are safe with us in accordance to the GDPR provisions. In other words, some data are necessary to provide you with the offer and to carry out the translation. Importantly, all information regarding privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy.

My translated file will look exactly like the original file?

Yes. In other words, all your translated files will keep original formatting as much as possible when they are done in standard applications or programmes. However, for best results you need to send us the source files composed in .indd format where the target file will preserve identical form. - Croatian TEchnical Translations

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